How are Clients Using us to Achieve their Objectives? [Interview]

Introducing the Interview Series

Here at Centerfirst, we strongly believe in our core values of humble expertise, collaboration and every contact matters. This is why we decided to start an interview series where we collaborate with various coworkers and clients to discuss their stories, learnings, opinions, ideas, and any other valuable industry information they may be able to share. 
For our first interview, we have a conversation between Centerfirst's president, Pete Guillot, and Trisha Miller, one of our most experienced Program Managers. Trisha is the perfect person to help us answer a question we often receive from potential clients which is, "What are some of the different ways that your current clients are using your services to help them achieve their objectives?"

Below is our interview broken into sections based on topic/question.


Tell Us About the Program and the Overall Objectives?

There are four different contact center types that we have identified within the pharma industry, and those include medical information, patient support, inside sales, and access and reimbursement. Watch the below video to hear how Trisha works with a patient support program to satisfy their objectives of medication adherence and supporting the patients throughout their treatment journey.



How does Trisha's Team Help our Clients?

At Centerfirst, we listen to calls for adverse events, product quality complaints, customer experience skills, etc. Trisha shares how her team listens to and analyzes calls to best support the client.



How is the Information Uncovered via Monitoring Utilized?

After our monitoring specialists score the client's calls, we pull insights from these calls to provide our clients with actions to take. Watch below for a more specific example of how this works.



Why do our Clients Choose an External Partner?

Being an independent, third-party partner, Centerfirst can help provide your team with clear transparency into your contact center. Take a look at the video below to learn more. 



How do we Ensure we are Meeting Client Objectives?

In this next clip, Trisha shares her experience as a call monitoring specialist, and explains how client objectives were met in a specific situation. Pete and Trisha also discuss the importance of collaboration between our team, our clients, and contact centers.



How will our New AI Tool, Discover, Benefit Patient Support Programs?

Centerfirst recently implemented a new AI tool, Discover, to help analyze contact center interactions. In this last video, Trisha how she believes Discover will be most helpful to patient support programs.



Contact us if you're interested in seeing how Centerfirst can develop a program just for your contact center!

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