Improved Patient Experience Through Interaction Analysis

Imagine unlocking the power to understand your patients' challenges and barriers when accessing their medications. Well, a client approached us looking for just that in combination with an assessment of their overall compliance and customer experience performance.


Through our advanced customer interaction analysis, we dove into their contact center interactions to uncover three unique trends that were impacting patient satisfaction and access to their medication:

  • Patients were regularly being directed to the wrong department 
  • There was increased patient confusion when discussing the specialty pharmacy vs manufacturer  
  • A large quantity of patients mentioned taking a different dose than the recommended in the Prescribing Information

The insights gained from our interaction analytics were instrumental in driving the client's decision to take immediate action. They realized that enhancing the patient experience required addressing these underlying challenges promptly. After considerable collaboration, we identified the core issues and developed targeted solutions:

Misleading Website Details & IVR Roadblocks

  • The client revamped their website and IVR system to provide accurate and clear information, eliminating roadblocks and empowering patients to find the help they need effortlessly.

Convoluted Product Language 

  • The client launched an agent retraining program, focused on utilizing simplified language with patients to improve patient comprehension during interactions. Clear communication, with confirmation of patient understanding, became the new norm to enhance the patient experience and build trust.

Prescribing Information Variations 

  • Taking a proactive approach, our client began working towards updating their Prescribing Information to ensure consistency and avoid confusion across regions. 

These changes aim to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and optimize user experience, ultimately empowering them to better serve their patients and deliver superior healthcare solutions. By leveraging data-driven insights, they are embracing a culture of continuous improvement to stay at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and give their patients the support they ultimately deserve. 

Through a collaborative partnership with Centerfirst, our client was able to utilize interaction analytics to identify and overcome challenges that were impeding patient access to medication. By leveraging patient-focused insights and implementing strategic changes, they have shown their commitment to providing the support and superior healthcare solutions their patients deserve. Partner with us today, and unlock the transformative power of interaction analytics in your organization.  

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