Our Collaborative Partnership with Zenylitics - Building an AI Tool for Pharma

Intro to Zenylitics and our Partnership

For the past several years, we have been exploring and testing a variety of AI solutions to add more value to our eQM service for our Pharma clients. Throughout our search though, we kept running into a continuous challenge. While every platform or service may advertise being "off-the-shelf ready," we found that in reality, a great deal of tuning and customization was required before creating something that would be of value. In order to achieve our goal of adding an AI component to our eQM process, and to do so in the shortest time frame, we began searching for a partner to help us develop the right solution for our clients.
Just over a year ago we were introduced to the team at Zenylitics, a company that uses speech and contact center analytics to help their client's maximize their contact centers. They have developed solutions for a number of industries, and have a proven track record of success. We determined that our organizations aligned very well in our collective goals, and therefore began working together to develop Discover

In today's interview, Centerfirst's president Pete Guillot discusses a variety of topics surrounding our partnership with Ken Pedersen, CEO of Zenylitics. Below is a quick introduction. 



Which Promises have AI Kept?

Over the years artificial intelligence has promised us a lot. It sounded like we eventually would be able to just download a piece of AI software and *poof* all our problems are solved. AI is an amazing tool to process large amounts of data and figure out what is worth looking into more specifically, but being able to analyze this data and harvest insights still requires a level of human intervention and knowledge.



What Changes are Coming to AI?

Artificial Intelligence continues to improve consistently over time. How is AI expected to change aspects of the pharma/healthcare industries? As AI software analyzes more data and gains a better understanding of what touchpoints and insights we are looking for, it will only grow to be more impactful and helpful.



Why did Zenylitics Choose Call Miner to Partner with?

CallMiner is an extremely helpful and powerful conversation analytics platform. As a tool it is easy to customize to focus specifically on what is important to it's users, such as the team at Zenylitics. Each client of Zenylitics has their own unique needs for the tool and it is customized appropriately.



If you're interested in learning more about our partnership or AI tool, contact us.

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