Real Time and Post Call Analytics

Did YOU just invest in “Agent Assist”?

Real-time “agent assist” tools are becoming exceedingly popular in the contact center space. No one can deny the potential these systems have at improving experiences for both customers and contact center agents. Creating seamless customer journeys that deliver the right information at the right time can improve overall brand image and create a loyal customer base.

When we mention real-time, we are referring to contact center software applications that employ AI to aid contact center agents during customer interactions. While AI has advanced these tools a great deal to be powerful assets in the contact center, relying on real-time solutions alone may fall short in providing a comprehensive view of the contact center performance. The team at CallCriteria notes that relying solely on real-time speech analytics is limiting as real-time solutions have “no ability to provide trends and post-call analytics that are paramount for improvement.”


Combining post-interaction analytics with your real-time solution can ensure that you gain the best return on your investment while also maintaining industry-leading customer experience. Post-interaction analytics can help paint a transparent picture into agent performance, customer trends, and overall contact center compliance.

There are several benefits to utilizing post-call analytics, two of them we have found are:

  • Post-interaction analytics can provide actionable insights into the customer experience across the entire contact center.

    Real-time software is intended to guide decisions during a call.  Rarely can you make effective, informed center-wide decisions from single interactions. Without center-wide analysis, it can be difficult to understand what real challenges your customers are facing. Was the customer’s confusion on this call indicative of a larger issue, or just a one-time issue? Understanding customer needs and issues at scale allow you to make better decisions faster. 

  • Post-interaction analytics enables your department or corporate-wide interactions to be analyzed, from all channels, revealing patterns or trends in CX, product issues, and perhaps most important for you, consistent compliance.

    Harnessing information from all channels creates more powerful insights that can be used to improve not only interactions at your contact center, but interactions at any customer touchpoint within your organization. 

Post-interaction analytics are crucial in getting the greatest ROI from your overall contact center investment.  Complementing real-time solutions with post-interaction analysis can transform your contact center to deliver a topnotch customer experience.  Real-time is valuable, but without being partnered with post-call analysis you may be leaving valuable customer insights on the table.

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