How is eQM Supported by Discover? [Interview]

Introduction with Chris Weber

In part two of our interview series, Centerfirst's president Pete Guillot talks with Chris Weber, our Senior Director of Technology Solutions. In this first clip they discuss Chris' background in AI and data analytics.



Why did Chris Join Centerfirst?

In this short clip, Chris explains why he decided to join Centerfirst. Even though Chris worked at the same company for over 20 years, he felt as though his talents and values aligned best with Centerfirst, and decided to join our team.



How does Centerfirst's Decision to Use AI in Support of our eQM Service Benefit our Clients?

This discussion involves Centerfirst's niche approach and expertise in pharma, which separates our offerings from off-the-shelf SaaS options.



How can Centerfirst Extract the Maximum Value out of Combining our Human Expertise with the Discover Platform?

With AI, we can now analyze an extremely large portion of calls and produce an even bigger picture than before, which allows our agents to provide very specific feedback.



What are Clients Looking for in an eQM Solution that is Supported by AI?

For this last question, Chris explains that clients are looking for confidence and accuracy, which comes from our expertise in the area.



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