Interview with Kyle Carter, Founder of Zenylitics

Introducing Kyle Carter

Zenylitics is a key partner of Centerfirst, as you probably learned in our last interview blog with their CEO, Ken Pedersen. In this blog we continue the conversation with Kyle Carter, the founder and VP of Delivery of Zenylitics. Kyle explains that he founded the company because he wanted to provide interaction analytics as a managed service.



Why did Kyle Choose CallMiner over Similar SaaS Offerings?

Kyle previously used CallMiner at another organization to make sure their contact center agents were following compliance guidelines and interacting with patients appropriately. He was impressed with the tool and became interested in creating a managed service offering leveraging his learnings and this tool that provided significant value to the contact center space. 



What are some of the Best Practices for Understanding ROI in terms of an AI Investment?

ROI can be challenging to measure with any type of quality monitoring and AI solutions are no different. Measuring ROI varies greatly by use case. In some scenarios it can be challenging to interpret (such as with compliance monitoring or general customer experience) but other times it can be much more transparent and quantifiable (such as analyzing sales). Since each client has a different focus and goal, it may look different for everyone. The key is collaborating early in the program to build KPIs that suit your use case. 



What are Common Pitfalls when Implementing AI Tools?

Kyle suggests that patience is key. You can't attempt to move everything along at launch without major issues. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you're wanting to achieve before digging into the data.



If you have questions about our partnership with Zenylitics, or would like to learn more about our enhanced Quality Monitoring Process (eQM) please contact us!

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