Improve Contact Center Performance with enhanced Quality Monitoring

Do you ever wish you could drop in on your contact center calls to get real-time insights from your customers? With Enhanced Quality Monitoring (eQM), pharma leaders can draw actionable insights to improve contact center performance metrics and, ultimately, customer experiences.

Centerfirst’s proven process combines innovative AI solutions with years of pharma experience to help pharma organizations track important metrics from their contact centers. By listening to real customer interactions or reviewing detailed written reports, you get unparalleled transparency into the contact center that can provide confidence in your processes and identify areas for growth.


In this two-minute audio clip, Centerfirst president Pete Guillot outlines the basics of Enhanced Quality Monitoring and how it can improve contact center performance, including:

  • Collaborative QM program design to meet your business’ unique goals and objectives
  • A human-in-the-loop approach to QM processing to draw accurate, actionable insights
  • 3D InsightsTM to understand interactions and performance at the agent, program, and customer levels

Listen to Pete’s explanation to learn more:


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