Free vs. Expert Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring gives pharma leaders a look into their contact center interactions to uncover valuable information about their business and their customers. However, the quality monitoring typically included through outsourced contact centers doesn’t always generate valuable insights that can improve contact center operations or the customer experience. 



So how do pharma leaders know when to bring in an expert quality monitoring company, instead of relying on their outsourced contact center?

Free quality monitoring does have some benefits — low-risk interactions like common FAQs and basic benefits verification can be handled with little to no extra cost. However, Enhanced Quality Monitoring (eQM) gives pharma leaders insights into high-value customer interactions that can impact the lifetime value of their company. 

In this four-minute audio clip, Centerfirst president Pete Guillot answers key questions about quality monitoring, including:

  • When is free quality monitoring sufficient?
  • When should you explore using an independent quality monitoring service provider?
  • What benefits will you get by investing in Enhanced Quality Monitoring?


Listen to Pete’s explanation to learn more:


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