Introduction to enhanced Quality Monitoring - 3D Insights

Welcome to the third and final installment of our Intro to eQMTM audio blog series where we walk through our proven process we utilize to deliver our clients with high-value insights and guidance for their contact centers. In the first piece of our eQM audio blog series, we discussed QM Design, where we collaborate with our client to learn where to focus their investment for the greatest ROI. Next we reviewed QM Processing, where we take our AI technology, Discover, and combine that with the human adaptability of our monitoring staff to evaluate calls for our clients to develop 3D Insights™. In this final blog, we will further dive deeper into our 3D insightsTM to discuss what makes them unique and the value they provide to our clients.

Our three-dimensional approach to contact center insights provides our clients actionable feedback at the agent, program, and customer level. At the agent level, we provide coaching opportunities to help with the individual agent's growth and development. When it comes to the program level, we analyze the entire program to highlight potential enhancements for training, script design, call routing, etc. Customer level insights and guidance affords our clients an opportunity to learn more about their target customer's issues, reasons for calling, and provides pathways to improve the overall customer experience.


In this audio blog, Pete talks about a client who requested Centerfirst's help to ensure that each vendor partner complied with privacy regulations. We have continued to provide guidance to this client for 13 years after this initial concern, as they see the value in the insights and solutions we provide.


Listen below to learn more:


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