Enhanced Quality Monitoring Metadata

At Centerfirst, we use artificial intelligence to not only transcribe call data, but to also turn these words into actionable insights that help our clients make the greatest possible decisions for their call center(s).

In pharma, it has traditionally been a challenge to harvest the vast amount of information housed within a customer interaction. The value of this intimate interaction data has never been in question, but structuring interactions into useable intel has not always been an effective use of resources or funds. With the advancement of AI transcription tools though, these interactions are now much more easily translated into a more useable medium.



As with any dataset though, organizing the data effectively so it can be analyzed consistently and rapidly is paramount. So, how do you organize your newly transcribed interaction data effectively? Metadata!

Metadata is the details of an interaction that are contained outside of the transcript. This may include caller geography, prescribers medical specialty, customer call history, prescribing preference, purchase history, etc. that when paired with an interaction transcript, creates the magic.

The large amount of data that an AI tool can provide may be overwhelming, as it often needs to be analyzed even further for it to be used in decision making. Our AI tool, Discover, is built on the top-rated AI platform, CallMiner, that combined with our years of experience within the pharmaceutical space, has been specifically tuned to pharma.

Listen to our audio blog below to hear how we help our clients dig through their data and pull out only the most important, actionable information.


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