Enhanced Quality Monitoring before RFP

We’ve had the pleasure of working with almost every contact center provider that serves the pharma industry, and we enjoy a collaborative relationship with each one of them. Because of these strong relationships, we’re often asked by our industry colleagues for advice on who to include in an RFP when they’ve become dissatisfied with the results they’re getting from their contact center program. It could be related to compliance, sales effectiveness, customer experience, or just some other area of dissatisfaction. Our first advice to them is, before you RFP, try eQM. That is, before going through the cost and risk of doing an RFP to change your contact center partner, invest in enhanced Quality Monitoring to see if the relationship with your existing partner can be saved.



We found that the success rate of applying eQM for program improvement is nearly 100%! Take a listen to Pete’s audio blog below to learn more about how our eQM process can effectively be applied in these situations to save you time and money.

As Pete mentions, if eQM is not right, we will support our client through an RFP process to help evaluate candidates and determine the right fit for the program. Attached to the linked blog is a pharma-specific contact center RFP template that we frequently use.


Listen to Pete’s audio blog to learn more:


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