Why Pay for Call Quality Monitoring if you’re Getting it for Free?

A friend once told me, “Nothing is free, but some things are included.

In 1989, Hampton Inn was struggling financially and decided to begin including a free breakfast with a value-priced room. This decision reversed the brand’s destiny, and just ten years later, the transformed chain was sold to Hilton for $3.7 billion.

We’ve all made the choice to stay at a Hampton Inn when having a free breakfast was convenient and cost effective. It is unlikely we choose to stay at a Hampton Inn because it has the best breakfast. When we want an expertly prepared breakfast for an important occasion, we go to a restaurant that specializes in breakfast.

This is not a travel or foodie blog, but the comparison might be helpful when thinking about the quality monitoring that’s included with outsourced contact center service.  Most providers offer free quality monitoring with the purchase of contact center service.  Free quality monitoring is good enough for basic types of interactions, but when bio-pharma companies need actionable insights from their most important interactions (i.e., product launches, regulated cases, medically or financially complex transactions), they turn to a partner that specializes in quality monitoring.




3 Valuable Differences Between QM and Specialized QM

It’s easy to recognize the difference between a free continental breakfast and a freshly prepared omelet and cappuccino, but what’s the difference between quality monitoring that’s included with contact center service and specialized quality monitoring (QM)?

Here are three valuable differences:

1. Objectivity

Independent observation offered by a specialized QM provider delivers transparency into a service provider’s contact center that is essential for effective vendor oversight.

2. Expert Insights

Specialized QM providers are experts at gathering and analyzing customer interaction data, turning the data into actionable agent and center-wide insights.

3. Benchmarked Best Practices

Using a specialized QM provider gives you access to industry-wide customer contact best practices that helps you differentiate your service for your customers.


Both free QM and specialized QM have a place in managing your contact center service. Find out more about how you can use specialized QM to support your customer interaction objectives by contacting us or emailing info@center-first.com.

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