Implementing AI to Improve Inside Sales Performance

At its core, sales is about building lasting relationships that bring value to both the business and the customer. Traditional face-to-face sales made it easier for pharma reps to connect with customers and build trust. However, the shifting sales environment has made inside sales a must-have complement to its in-person counterpart.

Despite having different avenues for interaction, face-to-face and inside sales reps have one thing in common: a need for feedback to improve sales performance. 



At Centerfirst, we use our experienced monitoring staff combined with pharma-specific AI to create an enhanced quality monitoring process that allows you to analyze sales interactions to help leaders track compliance, customer sentiment, and sales effectiveness. This technology makes it possible to get these insights in near-real time and better coach reps to improve sales effectiveness.

In this three-minute audio clip, Centerfirst president Pete Guillot explains how pharma leaders can effectively implement AI to improve inside sales performance by:

  • Working with an innovative partner to unlock expert, AI-driven insights
  • Defining key metrics to measure sales performance
  • Train AI, monitoring specialists, and reps to look for leading indicators of sales performance


Listen to Pete’s explanation to learn more:


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