Capture High-Value Insights from your Quality Monitoring Function

A blog about the value of customer insights from the contact center would be very innovative – if it were published a decade ago. Industry contact center leaders already know that customer insights from the center are valuable.

This blog offers information about how to:

  1. Determine the difference between information from the contact center and truly high-value insights,
  2. Use your quality monitoring function for capturing high-value insights


High Value Insight Defined

I had a friendly dinner with a pharma executive the other night and asked him what sort of information he was getting from his contact center. He said he knows the number of calls, types of callers, frequently asked questions, and overall customer satisfaction from a post-call survey. I asked him when was the last time he used any of that information to influence a decision about the company or the promotion of their leading brand. I am still waiting to hear back from him.

I don’t blame him. Those statistics are what unfortunately get passed off in our industry as contact center insights. Information that is collected from a CRM/telephony system or informally captured from agents in-between handling calls are not insights.

What if that same senior executive had these high value insights:

  • 33% of the callers were care-givers, and 75% of them left the interaction dissatisfied because Brand M information didn’t cover care-giver concerns, or

  • 64% of callers in Brand M’s target population, aged 55 to 70, expressed difficulty in reading the patient related material because the font was too small, or

  • 74% of callers for Brand M had a question about reimbursement in addition to their question about dosing and only 12% of those callers were directed to a suitable reimbursement resource.

High value insights give specific information about the aggregate callers’ experience based on a representative sample of interactions and directs an actionable outcome.


Using the QM Function to Capture High-Valued Insights

There is no more effective source for high value insights than the quality monitoring function. QM is about listening. Instead of listening for agent behavior, we can turn our ear around and listen for customer interests.

Here’s a simple example of quality monitoring insight in action.


Brand marketers introduced a new contact center script based on a new adherence program feature. QM specialists immediately began hearing patient confusion and calls ending with dissatisfied customers and frustrated agents.


The QM team collated monitoring results and found exactly the point in the new script where customer engagement began to drop off. The root cause analysis began – was it a bad script, poor agent training, or just a string of bad luck?


Poor customer satisfaction from an otherwise highly functioning contact center is rarely the agents’ fault. The gathering, analyzing, and reporting of customer insights by the QM team showed that a flawed script was the culprit.  A quick refinement to the script resulted in the program getting back on track.

This is just a simple example of how high-value insights that already exist in the QM function can ramp up the value of the contact center. If you would like more information about how to turn your QM into a high-value insights generating function, please contact us.

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