Centerfirst CX Framework: Be Informed

Centerfirst’s CX Framework creates a foundation for contact centers to better understand where to focus their efforts to maximize the experience for their customers for live phone interactions. The CX framework has five components: Be Heard, Needs Addressed, Feel Confident, Be Informed, and Feel Included. In this blog we will be discussing the Be Informed component and its significance.   

The Be Informed component of Centerfirst’s Customer Experience Framework focuses on a contact center agent’s ability to provide information to the customer in a way that is easy to understand, limited to the scope of their needs, and meets all compliance and regulatory requirements. A significant focus is on gauging the customer’s knowledge of the subject to tailor information to their needs at an appropriate pace. Going along with this concept, using language that increases customer understanding, and asking questions to check that customers are comprehending what is being said is equally important. It is also vital to ensure that the call meets all applicable regulations and ensures patient safety by providing accurate disclaimers and reporting adverse events. This component is split into three separate metrics:  Tailored Education, Limit Complexity, and Compliance & Regulatory.  

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The components of Be Informed are:

  • Tailored Education: Identify the customer’s level of understanding and deliberately share valuable information to increase knowledge. Explain why information is valuable to their unique situation. 
  • Limit Complexity: Use accessible, precise, and simple language as increased clarity empowers customers. Adapt information to the customer’s level of understanding.  
  • Compliance & Regulatory: Ensure client and customer data is protected and secure and regulations, standards, and laws are compliant. Make sure that patient safety concerns are identified, evaluated, and reported. 

Allie Strauss, Centerfirst’s Manager of Customer Analytics, shares a relevant story on being informed. 

“In October of this year, I flew to Texas to visit with my uncle who was in an intensive care unit after a bicycle accident.  When I arrived at his ICU room, his nurse provided me with information about his condition and next steps, but used medical terminology and jargon that I was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.  He started going through my uncle’s recent blood pressure levels without explaining if they were within a normal range, as well as other general updates.  He also discussed a hip surgery from earlier in the morning and stated “we thought we were going to need to bag him, but we ended up not needing to.”  Not only did I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information provided without understanding it, but I also felt alarmed at the phrase "bag him”.  When the nurse left the room, I had significantly more questions than when he first arrived, and I did not feel like my questions were properly addressed.  If the nurse would have considered Centerfirst’s Be Informed component, he could have tailored the information he provided to me using layman’s terms and limited the scope of the conversation to only what I needed to know or asked about.  Although I had complete confidence in the hospital and the staff’s ability to care for my uncle, I was disappointed in the initial interaction with the nurse.” 

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The Be Informed component is significant as it focuses on providing the customer with information that is accurate, accessible, easy to understand, and meets compliance and regulatory requirements. 

When the customer is provided information that they need, they will have clarity and understanding around a topic that they previously did not.  It means that the customer is leaving the call empowered with the information they need for their situation, and confident that the person they spoke with has prioritized their safety and the safety of others. 

Read our full Centerfirst CX Framework white paper here.

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