Enhancing Customer Experience Through Agent Performance Management

Every day, patients and healthcare customers rely on agents to help them find answers and solve problems. To provide the best experience for your agents and customers, management must provide agents with all the necessary resources and training to do their jobs successfully. Agent performance management helps ensure that your agents are properly trained and feel empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 



When a patient or healthcare customer has a problem, an agent should be able to help them resolve it in a way that leaves them feeling understood and valued. If the issue is too complicated for the agent, they should immediately be able to refer the customer to someone who can provide further assistance. When agents come across as confident and knowledgeable, customers feel comfortable reaching out again when they need help resolving another issue later down the road; they'll be more likely to do so if they know their problems will be handled well by those same people each time. 

With that being said, call center agents are truly the face of your company. Through our customized, industry-tuned AI platform guided by human expertise, we can help measure and improve agent performance to ensure that a consistent level of service is delivered at all times. Agent performance management can help you connect, create and improve your team's performance to deliver better experiences for your customers.

At a minimum, center agents should know:

  • The appropriate questions to ask, and when to ask them
  • The information that needs to be gathered from customers and where that information should be routed for follow-up or action
  • The best approach for asking questions that get the right information from customers without having them hang up on you -- or worse yet, give up on your company altogether!

Agents provide patients and healthcare customers with a voice, but they also play a crucial role in helping you drive sales and increase revenue by building brand loyalty and reducing customer service costs. Making sure that agents are well-equipped to perform can improve customer satisfaction scores, reduce employee turnover rates, and increase productivity by decreasing the time spent on training new hires or transferring calls between departments. The importance of quality performance management at call centers cannot be overstated: agents are the ones who determine whether a company succeeds or fails when it comes to customer satisfaction scores and employee engagement levels--which means that poor agent performance management can have serious implications for businesses in this industry sector! 

A well-trained agent is a surefire way to improve your customer experience scores and increase revenue. This means investing time and resources into training programs that help agents connect with customers on an emotional level so they can create better experiences for them.

At Centerfirst, we do just this by listening in to your contact center calls and using a combination of human analysis and artificial intelligence to better understand what training your agents need to be at the top of their game.

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