How to Rethink Inside Sales as a Complement to Field Sales

The pandemic reshaped the way sales teams connect with HCPs and other customers. As strict safety regulations limited traditional face-to-face interactions, inside sales has proven to be a cost-effective tactic to boost overall sales productivity. However, the biggest challenge with adopting inside sales strategies is the perceived threat they pose to the traditional sales model.




Instead of being a threat, think of inside sales as a complement to traditional sales. Adding inside sales tactics to your mix can improve ROI and accelerate sales success as reps are prepared to close deals in a variety of settings — a multi-channel approach is actually preferred by most HCPs. In this three-minute audio clip, Centerfirst president Pete Guillot outlines the benefits of inside sales and provides tips for implementing an inside sales pilot program, including:

  • How to use Enhanced Quality Monitoring (eQM) to improve inside sales effectiveness
  • How to hire and train sales reps
  • How to boost sales and reduce costs


Listen to Pete’s explanation to learn more:


Ready to maximize inside sales effectiveness?

By using our expertise with contact centers along with our enhanced quality monitoring process, we can help pharma companies rethink the design of their sales force and equip sales reps to improve sales call effectiveness.

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