Inside Sales Dynamics in the Contact Center

Especially due to the pandemic, pharma leaders have become increasingly interested in solutions that can enhance their sales team's effectiveness. This is even more evident as field sales teams spend less time in face-to-face conversations with healthcare providers and other customers. In short, pharma organizations are looking for ways to evolve their approach to sales.




Inside sales is a key part of this evolution, both in terms of its place in a contact center and in terms of how it can increase overall sales performance. In the six-minute audio clip below, Centerfirst president Pete Guillot answers key questions about inside sales, including:

  • What is inside sales?
  • What are some examples of important sales leading indicators correlated to positive customer sentiment?
  • How can you use these leading indicators to accelerate inside sales success?


Listen to Pete's explanation to learn more:


Ready to maximize inside sales effectiveness?

By using our expertise with contact centers along with our enhanced quality monitoring process, we can help pharma companies rethink the design of their sales force and equip sales reps to improve sales call effectiveness.

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