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Introduction to enhanced Quality Monitoring - Processing [Audio]

In our last audio blog, we discussed the first step of our eQM process, QM Design. During this phase, every client of Centerfirst works directly with our team to create a customized monitoring program built around their goals and needs. Once we have our program designed, we move into the second phase of our eQM process, QM processing.

In the QM Processing phase we take our state-of-the-art AI voice transcription and analytic technology, Discover, and combine that with the human adaptability and expertise of our monitoring staff to evaluate a selection, or an entire universe, of calls for our clients to develop 3D Insights™.

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We have found that while AI technology has continued to advance over the years, it lacks value without human intervention to help improve accuracy and dive deeper into preliminary findings. We also know that traditional human quality monitoring may limit the ability to obtain the macro level insights and trends our clients are searching for in a cost-effective way. Our QM Processing approach allows us to combine the best of both worlds to create high value insights and guidance for our clients.




Take a listen below to learn more from Pete as he walks you through the QM Processing phase of eQM: