Adding Mock Calls to Training Accelerates New Agent Performance

Taking that first call on the call floor can be terrifying for new bio-pharma contact center agents. Regardless of how thorough training was or how high the scores were on the knowledge checks, there’s nothing quite like hearing the voice of another human on the other end of the phone expecting you to be the expert.

Helen Hayes, the proclaimed first lady of American theatre, said, “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” That is certainly true in the call center. It’s the contact center manager’s role to help the beginner progress to an expert as quickly as possible. Adding mock calls to your training program helps beginner agents make that critical progression to an expert most efficiently.

Let’s start with a definition: Mock calls are real life, full length call scenarios performed by an independent third party that tests the clinical knowledge, CRM competency, documentation accuracy, and customer service skills of contact center agents prior to completing training.



Key Elements and Benefits of Mock Calls

Below are a few key elements of mock calls and the important benefits they’ll provide to your center.

Agent Confidence

Self-confidence is often cited as the single most important attribute in delivering effective customer service. Role plays, positive reinforcement, and a supportive culture are three means of enhancing agent self-confidence.

Manager Assurance

The only thing scarier than taking that first call from a customer is being the manager of someone taking that first call from a customer. In our highly regulated industry, giving agents the experience of handling “real” mock calls prior to exposing them and the organization to risk of regulatory events gives contact center mangers greater assurance of a quality environment.

Customer Experience

The ultimate beneficiary of new agents being ready to take calls on day-one is the customer. Your customers aren’t able to see the nametag your new agent wears that says, “Please be kind, I am new.” Customers simply expect a wonderful experience and they deserve that.

Centerfirst has performed thousands of mock calls to support our clients’ agent development. Please contact us and we would happy to develop a mock call program perfect for you.


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