Do you have the Right Tools to Manage your Call Monitoring Program?

Introducing COMET Call Monitoring Software

COMET is a call monitoring software from Centerfirst created specifically for the needs of today’s bio-pharma call center.

Your company devotes valuable time and resources to monitoring calls and providing feedback. You feel pretty good about that, and you should.

Do you ever have a nagging feeling that you’re not getting enough value from the monitoring data you’ve collected? Or maybe it’s bothering you that your data is not secure or easily accessible, or that it’s too generic and doesn’t allow you to get to the insights and information you really need.  Or maybe you’re satisfied with the tools you have, but it’s just not cost-effective.

At Centerfirst, we understand. That’s why we have developed the only call monitoring tool created solely for bio-pharma call centers, COMET—Centerfirst’s On-Line Monitoring and Evaluation Tool.

Monitoring calls and cases for our bio-pharma clients is one of our core capabilities. In fact, we perform more than 50,000 evaluations each year. We wanted to use our very specialized expertise to create a tool that’s the perfect companion for bio-pharma call and case monitoring. We’ve done that with COMET, and have been using it with our clients on our evaluations for months—so we know how impactful this innovative tool is!

COMET's Features and Benefits

Here are a few of COMET’s most compelling features and benefits:

  • Secure on-line access from any user device allows you to enter data and view reports anytime, anywhere.

  •  An automated audit trail that means you will always know who made changes to the data, and when.

  • Intuitive dashboards and reports that are easy-to-create, with real time and historical views—resulting in insightful and actionable information from your monitoring data.

  • Standard monitoring forms, scoring methodologies, and performance reports for your bio-pharma call center that are ready to go out-of-the-box, yet easily customized for maximum flexibility.

If you are not yet a Centerfirst customer—we’d love to chat with you about COMET and our monitoring services!

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