Updated Empirical Performance Data – Adding Mock Calls to Training

We received a lot of comments on our “Mock Calls” blog from a few weeks ago and the commenters were generally in agreement that mock calls can be a huge boost to agent performance. Many responders asked if we had any empirical data that we could share on just how much of a difference adding mock calls to new agent training made on agent performance.

Comparing Two Agent Groups With and Without Mock Calls

I am so excited to share in today’s blog that when we went back and analyzed the quality monitoring results of 2 independent groups – one having mock calls in their training and the other not having mock calls in their training – there was a significant difference in the performance results of the 2 groups.




The table below shows the results from the analysis. The agents were monitored on customer experience, regulatory compliance, and business protocol.

Table 1

Performance Results Comparing Two Agent Groups With and Without Mock Calls

Study Group

With Mock Calls in New Agent Training Without Mock Calls in New Agent Training Difference

Number of agents




Number of monitors




Study period

First month post training

First month post training


Overall Results  (Higher is better)




Auto-fail Results (Lower is better)




Shortcomings of the Analysis

  1. The sample sizes were not not large enough to provide a high level of statistical confidence
  2. Longer term studies are needed to determine if there are lasting differences in performance
  3. The study groups were not in a completely controlled environment and other factors may have contributed to the difference in performance scores


I hope you send us your stories about success you have had with mock calls. If you would like to learn more about a custom-made mock call program for your healthcare contact center, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you.

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