Patient Centricity at CBI’S Bio-Pharma Contact Centers Conference

CBI’s 16th Annual Bio-Pharma Contact Centers Conference in Philadelphia was another big hit with bio-pharma contact center leaders this year. As usual, the conference delivered excellent real-world content and this year focused using the contact center to support the continued pursuit of Patient Centricity.



Patient Centricity

The topic of patient centricity is not necessarily new to our industry, although there does seem to be an increased emphasis on the patient in the Medical Information/Medical Communication organization. It will be interesting to see if this same level of patient focus carries over to the DIA Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Conference in March.

Below are some of the specific topics covered at the CBI conference and how they applied to the patient centricity focus:

  • Capturing patient insights from call quality monitoring. There’s more than agent development and contact center performance that can come from a sound QM function. Valuable customer insights can be secured from the QM. Grace Wallace of Genentech joined Wendy Evans from Centerfirst to present on “Listening to the Voice of the Caller – Hear What You Have Been Missing in Your Contact Center.” Check out our blog on Capturing High-Value Insights from Your QM Function.

  • Globalizing your contact center has several challenges but very valuable intended and unintended benefits. Among the many benefits are employee development, cultural appreciation, and early product issue awareness.

  • Selecting the right contact center partner for patient support programs has 5 critical steps

    • Identify core needs and capabilities

    • Identify supplier selection criteria

    • Determine performance metrics

    • Establish core reports and dashboards

    • Build an optimal governance model

  • Embracing social media provides an efficient way to deliver value to customers through a channel of their preference. Meeting customers where they are significantly improves patient engagement.


Centerfirst was a key sponsor of the event this year and I hope you had a chance to stop by the booth to meet members of our team. Want to learn more? Contact us here.


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